Tuesday, April 5, 2011


1) when someone sends you friend request upon friend request and you deny/ignore it. then they send you another one. this goes on for five or six rounds, until you finally give in and accept them as a friend.
******What the hell are you people thinking? Where is your self esteem, I said NO--I don't want to be your friend 5 freakin times. The only reason I finally excepted you is that you wore me down. Does this make you feel better about yourself?

2) you get a friend request and you accept it. the person never acknowledges you. So you post on their wall and they never respond, even though you can see the are "actively" on facebook.
******What the fuck? Why are you friend requesting me then? If you had no desire to speak with me then WHY did you send ME a friend request?

3) the people on facebook that 600 kajillion friends. on a personal account. not a business or blogging account.
******Who the hell do you think you are? Who has 494 people in their friends list and is seriously friends with them all? I don't even think I know 494 people. Are they all some random schmucks you hooked up with on farmville?

4) the people who play games. I am one of them. I'll play a game here and there. Sometimes I even forget and accidentally post one of those game thingys on my wall. Like when I have 8983641567 points on bejeweled.
*******You people who post every single time you have a strawberry grow, a cow shit, or a mob member get wacked are a pain in the ass of everyone trying to actually communicate with other INTELLIGENT life forms. If you beat my high score on bejeweled, please post and let me know, cuz that at least is an accomplishment, where as finding a possum mating with a duck on your pretend farm is NOT

I would defriend you people but why bother? If I do, #1 is so tenacious they will just send me more friend requests saying they aren't sure what happened but I'm accidentally not their friend anymore. #2 will re-request me because they didn't have enough fun ignoring me the first time. #3 can't remember that we were friends in the first place because they can't possibly know who all they were friends with and send a new request & #4 will send me a new friend request and trying to lure me to their possum farm so they can expand the alligator section


AmberFaith said...

Hahahhaa, I went from 636 down to around 450. Still not finished. Even the ones I deleted, I knew. I went to a big high school, and I always seem to meet new people all the time - so we become friends on Facebook. Chances are...within 6 months, they will be deleted. At least "like" my stuff, ya know? Lol

Newest follower from the blog hop! Would love for you to stop by and follow back, whenever you get a chance. Have a great week! (:


Hello Tiffany said...


I'm your newest follower from FMBT!